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3. Create the user in MySQL

    1. a.  Create 2 databases : website_01, website_02.
    2. b. Grant all privileges on website_% to website@localhost identified by ‘pass[p1]
    3. 4. Create the virtual hosts in Apache : website01.pragmawork.com, website02.pragmawork.comKoala
  1. a. Add php restrictions “/home/website:tmp”
  2. 5. Create the DNS CNAME(s) website01.pragmawork.com CNAME www, website02.pragmawork.com CNAME www
  3. 6. Install Joomla
  4. a. Ssh as website
  5. b. Create a directory called www
  6. c. Download the latest version of Joomla
  7. d. Unzip it, install it
  8. e. Use FTP layer