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I love RomaniaBrice Cornet, Sales Director de Pragmawork, s’est rendu en Roumanie afin de parler de l’importance de mieux communiquer sur Internet.

Ce très beau pays n’a malheureusement pas la visibilité qu’il mérite et Pragmawork pense que c’est en se positionnant sur les outils de communication de demain que la Roumanie acquerra sa place méritée de destination de référence.

Brice cornet, Sales Director of Pragmaworl, went to Romania. He spoke about the importance of having a better communication on the Internet. This wonderful country does not have the visibility that it deserves and Pragmawork believes that should Romania use the tools of the future it will become the top travel destination it should be.


Good morning everybody. Let me introduce myself. My name is Brice and I’m the sales director of Pragmawork. In fact, I’m a little bit more than a “sales director” because I’m one of the founders of the company.

So what is Pragmawork? Pragmawork is an information technology company based in Belgium and France. Our job is to advertise the destination with e-marketing, programming the online booking system. Our references are almost al lof of Tour Operators in Belgium, a lot of travel agencies and airport.

So Belgium: Belgium is of course the capital of Europe. More important, in Belgium we speak 3 languages: French, Dutch and German. That means that when you work in the Belgium market, you create an incredible weapon of success. Because those 3 languages are spoken in other countries which are the neighbors of Belgium.

France + Germany + Holland + Luxembourg + Switzerland. It’s  180.500.000 people that you can reach.

Belgium people travel a lot.

For example:

In 2007, +/- 4.500.000 tourist went to Tunisia.

In 2007, +/- 210.000 belgians went to Tunisia.

Conclusion: 4,67% of the tourism market is from Belgium.

Last year, belgians bought in travel agency for 2.395.605 € of travel.
7,3% of this amount was for travel in Tunisia.

During the last ten years, Belgians travel mainly in Europe and they like more and more city trips.

One of the major destination is Praha in Czech Republic.

Last years the city trip market decrease BUT the number of city trip in Praha increase.

28,7 % better than the year before! Interessant isn’t it ? Why not the same success for your country ?

As all the Belgians, I travel. And since yesterday, I discover your country. I’m surprise, your country is wonderful.

Authenticity, nature, wellness: it’s the perfect place to come in holidays. Did you notice that I said “I’m surprise” ?

How do you think people from Belgium imagine Romania? Like this! Attractive isn’t it? It’s time to change it! It’s time to go from this to this. Actually mostly of people don’t even know where is Romania.

They have to know that in your logo, you have the sea and the mountain because your country is a treasure of the nature.

To change the point of view of the people on Romania, it will take time and you don’t have time to loose anymore. You don’t have to wait for a new brand image. Act now!

You’ve to put under the eyes of the tourist your added value.

How does a tourist work?

It’s a very simple workflow.

•    First, the Desire : he wants to travel in a place
•    Second: he needs more Information
•    His first reflex is to search that information on internet.
•    And then he buys his travel at Travel agency which can be an online or offline travel agency.

How does it work with Romania? Not very well...

People don’t have the desire to come because they don’t know the great possibilities of your country. Perhaps they can be curious and they can Need Information. But, when they try to find information on internet, they find nothing attractive. So… how can the Travel agency sell? How can your planes and hotels be full?

Just make this test: Type “Romania” on a search engine like Google. These are the images that you find. Maps… and… people who work with horse to hand wood…

Now, do the same test with “Tunisia”. You find maps and dreams… dreams that convince to visit this country.

The key of the success for all the countries is the COMMUNICATION.

First you have the offline world that you know perfectly because you’re journalist. You know how television, radio, press and display can be efficient. Then you have the online world, a world that Romania has to conquer.

Internet is everywhere.

In Belgium 77,3% of the households have an internet connection.

In France, it’s 71,4 % and in Holland, it’s 83%.

The websites are the tools that offer to you the Visibilty. This very visibility which will offer to Romania a new image.

Then, the Interaction which allows you to keep the audience captivated. The websites are the source of Information where people will discover how your country is wonderful.Then the website allows you to Sale the travel directly to the customers.

But website are just the first step…

The second weapon is the bannering; the fastest way to invade the web space by using others websites. You can use the audience of the most visited websites.

The next secret of the communication on internet is the newsletter. For me, newsletter means FIDELISATION. You keep in touch with people that at some point showed some interest about Romania, in order to totally convert them.You can be pro active with an instant effective communication.

Newsletters allows to communicate up to date information in a personalized way.

Eg : “
Miss Martin, you are interested in thalasso. We want to let you know that there is a great thalasso center is opening in 2 months in Neptun”

You push to the people who may be interested by Romania the information that they need to convert their latent desire into a nice trip.

Moreover, you can create repeaters by keeping in touch with people that already visited you once.

The goal of the viral marketing is to create inexpensive ambassadors of Romania.

What works better than the word of mouth?

When you convinced someone that Romania is nice and gave him a moral incentive to tell it, he will try to convince their friends that Romania is the place to be.

Make a buzz and then, the web surfer will forward your messages to all the people that they know. Those mass communication strategies are not expensive, you qualified contact base grows by itself.

Finaly, the last step, the search engine optimization. Internet is a wild wide word People rely on search engine to reach information. When they search holidays, they must find Romania!

I did not talked much about the offline medias, because you already use them and know them very well. Nowadays, offline and online tools cannot work apart. Without offline, online is useless and the other way around.

Offline communication creates the desire. With the help of automation, online communication stores, develops and converts this desire while keeping costs low and reporting accurate.

Now that you understand the tools and the goals, my conclusion will be: TEMPUS FUGIT. Act now, delete Dracula from the mind of the tourist and print sun, sea, montains, nature, authenticity, wellness.

Holidays in Romania has to be a common point of view, a common reality.

COMMINICATE, right now!



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